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Tuesday, January 29, 2019   /   by Melissa Wiggins

Questions to ask when deciding on the right Lender for your Mortgage

Today I realized not all lenders are created equal.  Some are over communicators, and some are slippery little suckers, meaning they do not answer their phone, get back to you on important issues, and are not great communicators.  In my experience lenders who work for banks, are a little bit of a red flag. For example, when your agent is trying to verify if you qualify for a property, and it is 6:30pm at the showing, you may not get a response until the following business day.  Guess what happens to your future home. You guessed it, the property will probably be under contract with another buyer.  
Also, when a lender is giving you a lower interest rate, ask to see what fees they charge.  They will usually be making up for it some where else.  I would love to hear from some professionals, and their advice on what to ask when choosing a Mortgage Lender!